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The Talon Investigation team has the experience and knowledge to respond to today’s network intrusions and adverse computer events. Talon provides expert guidance in the area of detection, containment, internal reporting, external disclosure, and investigation.

Even in the most secure computer environment, adverse events do happen. Computer security incidents are occurring at an ever-increasing rate, and the ability to respond to and investigate computer security incidents is essential. Unfortunately, even with all of the proper training, you may have difficulty implementing a successful response due to lack of experience.

TTalon Investigation brings that experience! Once our team responds on site, they evaluate the situation and assign an incident classification and severity level to the incident. This helps the team to gather the necessary resources and to advise the customer of the overall impact to their business. Our investigators can also provide liaison support for the law enforcement and media relations.

During an investigation, critical evidence needs to be obtained and analyzed. This is the basis of computer forensics. A forensic examination encompasses the analysis of computer-related evidence after the fact, or if possible, in real-time during an intrusion.

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