Event Security Specifics


Talon Investigation provides safety and security for numerous sophisticated high profile conferences and events, providing a total security solution for conference planners. We provide security consulting, management and staffing at events that require "more than a presence."

Galas · Premiers · Banquets · Social Events

Providing the executive security services at events that attract media or fund raising requires a security team which reflects professionalism, confidence, and organization. Our style and committment to quality compliments special entertainment and social events. Talon Investigation is experienced in managing media, paparazzi, and unwelcomed guests; we recognize the importance of discretion and professionalism when addressing related challenges. In establishing effective access control, our teams are accustomed to managing the demands of high profile or sophisticated attendees. Most important, when challenges present themselves, our staff is experienced in working as a team. Through positive communication with event coordinators and support staff, we are able to respond to any safety or security issue with finesse and confidence.

Stockholders Meetings · Executive Board Meetings

Talon Investigation recognizes the uniqueness of business events. The need to maintain a conservative and discreet presence is paramount. Talon Investigation's security team assigned to a business event reflects experience and insight into the etiquette and culture of a corporate environment.

Our executive security teams coordinate with intelligence agencies on potential disruptions. The threats and challenges at a business event can change rapidly and Talon Investigation is prepared to mitigate those risks.

Exhibitions · Auctions

Talon Investigation provides executive security services to minimize the risks associated with the transport and/or exhibiting of fine arts and commodities.

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