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Talon Investigation provides executive security and management consulting services for business conferences, high technology forums, fund raising galas, VIP gatherings, art and jewelry exhibitions, and other special events. We excel at providing services for special events that require a professional, experienced, and more refined security presence.

For special events that may attract media or be host to VIPs or a sophisticated audience, Talon Investigation provides more than just a presence. Our security staff are trained facilitators who participate in every aspect of an event's safety and security responsibilities.

We have found that a conservative, yet assertive presence provides excellent deterrence in addition to a professional security presence. Whether in business attire, black tie, or other appropriate dress, each member of our staff values the confidence placed in him or her and understands the lasting impression we will have on each attendee. Rather than presenting a uniformed guard appearance, our staff is perceived as a professional security team.

Our project manager will handle tasks such as working with local law enforcement to ensure a uniformed presence if needed, liaison with emergency safety services (ambulance and fire) to discuss evacuation plan and meeting area in the event of a medical emergency, coordinate with facility security to ensure resources are working in tandem with one another, liaison with production staff to ensure that all security concerns are being addressed, and arrange for communication for the security detail.

Our project management team will meet with event publicist to determine other security concerns such as attending VIP's requiring special attention and to establish open communication should any threats of any level be received. We will be available to meet with all production staff and volunteers to discuss how they should handle security issues and what we can expect of one another should a disruption develop.

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