Investigative Services

Businesses in today's competitive markets are faced with a growing spectrum of concerns. The survival of a company pivots on issues such as employee integrity, a safe and secure environment and product liability. As new legislation is presented to the business community, the definition of a company's responsibility has become more complex.

We believe in employing proactive measures to minimize liability and provide sound advice and services to mitigate loss. We can help clarify corporate responsibilities and introduce a range of investigative solutions to assist in protecting your company and its interests.

Who should you be concerned about? Where should you begin? Identification of possible threats is the initial step. Background checks and investigations of employees, vendors, competitors and potential business partners will reduce the possibility of damages from employee misconduct, financial theft, trademark infringement and the theft of intellectual property and proprietary information.

Additionally, Talon Investigation can provide intelligence and reliable insight into the strengths, vulnerabilities and strategies of competitors and potential business partners. We provide sophisticated investigations into intellectual property matters and business intelligence on companies and individuals, reporting on their history, market position, technical capabilities, strategic direction and the industries in which they operate.

For more information - see Pre-Employment Investigations

Download our Investigative Services brochure (PDF).

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