Information Security Policy Planning & Development

This service provides businesses with a standard “Best Practices” Security Policy template to identify, recommend, and implement a relaible and appropriate security plan. Talon Investigations personnel will help adapt the standard to meet the specific and unique challenges of your business.

If your organization has an implemented information security policy, we will include an audit of the existing policy and will make recommendations to bring the current policy up to a “Best Practices” level.
This policy covers three major areas:

Logical security

Includes system access control (i.e. log-in); password policy; software configuration and change control. It also includes use of anti-virus protection; acceptable use; data security and privacy; Internet access; e-mail usage; data availability; and data integrity.

Managerial security

Includes security awareness training; personnel security; organizational structure (division of responsibility); policy enforcement; incident handling procedures; and separation of duties.

Physical security

Includes building access control; restricted access to computer facilities (e.g. server rooms); and computer location. Depending on the desired scope, it may also cover such things as fire suppression systems, facility construction, or air-conditioning.

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