Information Security Training Programs

Talon offers security training for every audience, from your front-line employees to the IT department and upper management. Our security training services focus on the following areas:

Awareness Training

The Information security policy is the cornerstone of any enterprise security solution, but if end users don’t know about the policy, or aren’t up to speed on its components, then the policy serves no purpose. Your information security policy is the blueprint for acceptable system use and your people need awareness training to understand this and their role in your security policy.

This training program focuses on:
- Comprehensive explanations of system use
- The reasons why you must protect your information assets
- The types of threats, including social engineering
- The penalties for non-compliance

IT Security Training

As you know, your IT staff are critical for ensuring that your network runs smoothly, and now more than ever, your IT people need a thorough understanding of how IT security works. Our service offers a variety of Information Technology-oriented training options. Talon educates, informs, and guides your IT personnel in planning, designing, and implementing best security practices. Our approach to training includes real-world instructions and tools to help prevent the misuse of hardware, software, and processes that could result in compromised security.

All courses come complete with experienced subject matter expert instructors and presentation media and materials designed to minimize production down-time during training. We offer tailored instruction that suits your IT staff needs and levels of expertise, as well as one-on-one training, or group training.


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