Physical Security

Physical Security is primarily intended for perimeter security around business facilities and plant operations, and to VIPs' homes and public facilities. Talon Investigation offers comprehensive planning, design and hardware and software integration services customized to meet the requirements of your physical site protection needs.

Talon Investigation's physical security program provides an effective solution for organizations that require security agents with a high level of competence and operational capability. Talon Investigation employs professionals from diverse and academic backgrounds. Many of our Physical Security Agents come from backgrounds such as military security, criminal justice programs, Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies. All of our personnel are trained specific to their responsibilities. It is preceisely because of this high high level of training and proficiency that our our agents project professionalism and confident authority.

All Physical Security Agents are provided a solid grounding in security fundamentals beginning with the underlying theories that drive modern physical security tactics and strategies. This continual training helps Talon Investigation in developing the best physical security agents in the industry.

Our assessment begins with a site survey, identifying areas of vulnerability. We then recommend methods for securing the area or site. Specific pieces of hardware are ordered and installed, processes and procedures are outlined, engineering documentation is provided and control centers are established.

Our Physical Security Agents are certified and licensed to carry concealed weapons if required.

Download our Physical Security brochure (PDF).

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