Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability Testing begins with an in-depth technical review of your most critical and sensitive information systems. Designed to help identify network perimeter vulnerabilities that may be used to gain access to networks and systems that process, store, or transmit information, this service includes planning, testing, and analysis centered around transport, protocol, application, and remote access areas.

Subsequent to the vulnerability test, a pentration assessment (measuring your company’s real-world vulnerabilities and responsiveness to security attacks) is performed using the information gathered during the initial assessment. In an attempt to exploit subsets of the vulnerabilities found and to demonstrate how unauthorized access could be achieved, this test is performed without damage to your data.

After analyzing the vulnerability test and penetration test results, Talon recommends prioritized, cost-effective corrective measures. This report is designed to assist you to prioritize budget, resources, product selection, and implementation plans. The analysis also establishes a baseline against which security solutions are measuredenabling you to track and easily demonstrate security progress to corporate management, and investors.

There are a number of technical assessments that can be provided. Some of these are:

• Host Assessments
• Firewall and Router Assessments
• Workstation Assessments
• Wireless Network (802.11b) Assessments
• War Dialing – Modem Assessments
• Application Assessments

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