Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace is a serious safety and health issue. It's most extreme form - homicide - is the third-leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States.

Talon Investigation is unique in its ability to guide organizations through the maze of problems centered around, influenced or caused by aberrant behavior of employees, customers or other unknown adversaries.

Managing Threat

Managing threats from people requires the experience and education to accurately understand deviant behavior through human analysis. Talon Investigation is able to profile human behavior during potential workplace crises or strategic business meetings. Our approach is both practical and realistic, assessing threats utilizing years of experience in forensic assessment of criminal behavior. This specialized discipline is a formidable ingredient in preparing your company for a possible crisis.

Pre-Employment Investigation

Whether you represent the Fortune 500 or Small Business, hiring qualified, honest employees is critical to your success. Investigations of employees and potential business partners will substantially reduce the possibility of employee misconduct, workplace violence, financial theft, trademark infringement and the theft of proprietary information. Utilizing technology that searches nationwide and beyond delivers the background check & pre-employment screening information you need to move forward.

Talon Investigation provides intelligence and reliable insight into employees, applicants, and potential business partners. We provide sophisticated investigations on companies and individuals, reporting on their history, market position, technical capabilities, strategic direction and the industries in which they operate.


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